Mittwoch, Mai 24, 2006

plus des nouvelles d'autre monde

et encore une fois: un cafe en riant

des nouvelles de strasbourg

das copyright fuer das portrait liegt bei der lachenden person, 2006

Mittwoch, Mai 17, 2006

my yellow skin completes the flag

my roots are under the table

Dienstag, Mai 09, 2006

interspace theme continued

interspace 03, 2006, colouredpencilonpaper, 60x50cm

Sonntag, Mai 07, 2006

ausstellung / exhibition in bockenheim / galerie GB

>jeder ein meister< >everybody a master< >chacun un maitre<

Freitag, Mai 05, 2006

in between things

interspace 01, 02, 2006, colouredpencilonpaper, 60x50cm
I'm also interested in the things between others
or in intervals of whatever kind,
on trace of the ambiguous,
eventually conflicting,
on trace of the difference
and the relation.

Donnerstag, Mai 04, 2006

from the hamlet portfolio

pc -

the idea broke off part of the iron
bars behind which hamlet was
shut up. it looked like - a bird.

Mittwoch, Mai 03, 2006

another master (-piece) ?

>me ? < (dressed-up version) 2006 , oiloncanvas , 60x50cm

Dienstag, Mai 02, 2006

exhibition: everybody a master - jeder ein meister

I am showing these two oiloncanvas-paintings
in the exhibition: everybody-a-master,
as announced below :